Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall Blows In: Ten Days to Departure for China and Southeast Asia

Fall blows in, September 12, 2014

The morning, following yesterday’s solemn commemoration of September 11, dawned cloudy and windy, with a sharp drop in temperature announcing the end of the warmth and sun of summer, and reminding us that the date of our departure for China and Southeast Asia in just ten days is rapidly approaching.  We have been preparing, but there is still much to do, including tasks at home, and decisions about clothes, guidebooks, and organizing the electronic devices that will allow us to communicate, access information, and record our journey over nearly three months.  Everything will have to fit into our two carry-on sized backpacks, plus one day-pack.  Our itinerary takes us up to November 11, and the center of Vietnam, leaving the last month open.  It is lovely here.  When the time comes to go, I never want to leave home.

Washing scarves: which should I take?


Silke said...

Dear Linnea,

What an amazing life you lead! I'll be eagerly following along on your travels through your blog!!

Hugs, Silke

Linda Chambers said...

I agree with Silke!!! You lead a very interesting, busy and amazing life!!
Good for you.

smclingenpeel said...

You are always leaving when I am coming home. Sigh.