Monday, July 14, 2008

Bob Philips

The last of the children of Mildred and John Philips, Bob, died on July 2 as several of us were enroute to the Philips family reunion in Big Sky. We miss you, Bob.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Philips Family Reunion, Big Sky, Montana

Over the July 4th weekend several members of the Montana Philips/Courtney family gathered in Big Sky, Montana. Rich and Mary Ann Comstock graciously shared their lovely home with us, and provided many meals. We had many opportunities to visit and to hike in the surrounding mountains. Julia, Joan, Jesse, and I shared a primitive campground about 10 miles down the road at Swan Creek. Mike, Maggie, Anthony, and Danny from North Carolina stayed at the River Rock Inn. Maggie Scheid and Father Edward Courtney stayed with Rich and Mary Ann. Dorothy and David Richhart were in their house down the road, and Lisa Philips Graham and sons Duncan and Logan came for one day from Butte.

Joan's Tribute to her Father

Driving down here from Minnesota, I kept thinking how much I am like my dad. He liked to travel, I like to travel. He was frugal, I am frugal. He had a quiet, easygoing nature, I have a quiet, easygoing nature. He was good with numbers, I am good with numbers. I also inherited his sense of social justice and concern for others. I am lucky to have had him for a dad.

-Joan Philips

Presented at the funeral mass in June 2007