Sunday, July 29, 2007

Poem for the Wake

A Poem for Ed Philips

by Ross Burkhardt
June 16, 2007

81 trips around the sun:
Ed's sweet journey now is done
A year ago we celebrated
With folks to whom he was related
And friends from far, and also near,
Many of whom now reappear
To pay their last respects and mourn
This gentle fellow who was born
Four score years ago plus one
For Ed's sweet journey now is done.

As summer days drift towards September
What is it that we'll remember?
Bert and Wagga, goats and sheep,
Gathering eggs, naps for sleep,
Fragile glassware, politics,
The New York Times, symphony tix,
Salmon dinners, cooking bacon,
Festivities always in the makin'
Voyages down to Mexico,
Off to Greece Ed did go,
Spain, Japan, England, Oz -
Traveling was a noble cause.

So here we are, an Irish wake -
Thank you all, for dear Ed's sake.
Now's the time to share your story
Honoring Ed in all his glory.
Step right up, tell a tale
About this most amazing male.
This is your chance, don't be shy,
Even if you make us cry.
For we deserve to have some fun
Now that Ed's sweet journey's done.

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