Friday, July 7, 2006

Ed's Eighty Trips around the Sun

Eighty friends and relatives gathered over the weekend of May 26-29, 2006 to celebrate Ed Philips's eightieth birthday during three days of parties. Here are some of the comments made by guests who attended:

Thanks again for including us in the big celebration of Ed's 80th. Your party made it very evident that the two of you are truly loved by your large family and many friends. --Eleonor Hellman and Bruce Blossman (Santa Fe)

We enjoyed getting to know some of your friends we’d never met before …. Mary Kay, Susan, and especially Craig…as well as catching with those we did know…the weekend made me think of “Camelot” – “for one, brief, shing moment…” so many people came together from so far just to be joyful… We hope the warmth of those great 3 days will stay with you throughout the year, especially when there are “bumps in the road.” – Karen Nystrom (Fort Collins, CO)

Uncle Ed, you are very special and I wanted so much to come and was glad it all worked out! Now you and I have work to do to get better….I had a good trip back; managed a business class upgrade and slept for 7 of the 11 hour flight. The woman behind me asked what drugs I took and I just told her it was a great celebration weekend with family, thus I was exhausted. The best kind of drugs! -- Maggie Scheid (who came all the way from England)

It was the most beautiful party I have ever attended, I think, and my appreciation of you, and your love for Ed, only increases! -Eleanor Schick (Albuquerque)

I'm still sharing with Dawn the happy memories of the three parties last week. I have never in all my days been a part of such an extended and happy birthday celebration. – Craig Werner (Buffalo, NY)

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